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You love the roar of the engine, you long for the smell of the fumes, we’re sure there is E85 running through the veins. Let’s face it – you’re a true, racing fan – like us.  Supercars are where we get our fix.  We can’t help but get excited when the new season comes around.

We’re a unique breed – some of us hide it, a little shy about the passion we have for the speed of the daring drivers  - while others wave our flags, wear our caps and badges with pride, turning up at every race, hanging out to see our heroes speed by. It’s just like a family – one big, close knit, happy family – we are all different yet bound together by our love – our love of Prodrive Racing.

And being an official Prodrive Racing member is as good as it gets. Membership of Prodrive Racing Australia brings you right into the inner sanctum, the heart of the family.

When you join us you get up close and personal to the excitement, the action, the everyday activity as well as the white-knuckle anxiety that goes with race day. Whether it’s a hot lap in one of our championship-winning race cars, a behind-the-scenes tour with the team boss, a BBQ with the drivers or the pleasure of merely adding the membership sticker to your car.

Prodrive Racing Membership give you much more that just a place trackside – it gives you a place in the family, a spot in the team – you’re not just watching us, you’re racing with us!

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2017 BLUE OVAL CLUB $2,000.00
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2017 351 CLUB $351.00
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2017 PRA CLUB $179.00
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2017 PRA FAMILY PACK $229.00